Bearish Harami

Bearish Hamari Candlestick Patterns Oct 16 2015

The bearish harami is a 3–bar candlestick pattern found at the end of a downtrend. a large candlestick followed by a much smaller candlestick with a that body is located within the vertical range of the larger candle’s body. Such a pattern is an indication that the previous upward trend is coming to an end.

Geron Corp (GERN)

Stock Price Quote as of Fri, Oct 16th, 2015
High 3.32 Low 3.17
4.67 52Wk High
(-30.84%)Since 07/01/15
2.10 52Wk Low
(+53.81%)Since 10/17/14
Open 3.29 Prev Close 3.27
Volume 1,555,200 Avg Volume 2,993,575
EPS -0.23 Div & Yield N/A
P/E Ratio 0.00 Market Cap $510.63 M
Weighted Alpha +8.89 Standard Dev -0.26

Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (ST)

Stock Price Quote as of Fri, Oct 16th, 2015
High 47.52 Low 46.46
59.04 52Wk High
(-20.34%)Since 04/10/15
41.98 52Wk Low
(+12.03%)Since 09/24/15
Open 47.27 Prev Close 47.41
Volume 1,296,900 Avg Volume 1,984,815
EPS 2.58 Div & Yield N/A
P/E Ratio 18.38 Market Cap $8.00 B
Weighted Alpha -5.03 Standard Dev -0.46

NCR Corp (NCR)

Stock Price Quote as of Fri, Oct 16th, 2015
High 25.41 Low 24.77
36.50 52Wk High
(-31.10%)Since 06/16/15
21.79 52Wk Low
(+15.42%)Since 08/24/15
Open 25.17 Prev Close 25.18
Volume 1,122,500 Avg Volume 1,621,065
EPS 2.64 Div & Yield N/A
P/E Ratio 9.54 Market Cap $4.27 B
Weighted Alpha -11.28 Standard Dev -0.05

Stocks With The Same Setup

SymbolNameSectorIndustrySCTRUCloseChg% ChangeVolumeDate
GERNGeron Corp. (GERN)Health CareBiotechnology29.6sml3.23-0.04-1.22%155521810‑16, 16:00
STSensata Technologies Holding N. V. (ST)TechnologyElectronic Equipment33.3mid47.03-0.38-0.80%129692510‑16, 16:00
NCRNCR Corp. (NCR)TechnologyComputer Hardware26.5mid25.15-0.03-0.12%112258610‑16, 16:00
AHSAMN Healthcare Services, Inc. (AHS)CyclicalsBusiness Training Agencies88.7sml31.45-0.05-0.16%81456110‑16, 16:00
CPACOPA Holdings SA (CPA)IndustrialAirlines15.9mid60.85-1.08-1.74%64113610‑16, 16:00
ALPH.LAlpha Pyrenees Trust Ltd (ALPH.L)78.9lse0.82-0.38-31.25%54582210‑16, 16:00
DNNDenison Mines Corp. (DNN)MaterialsNonferrous Metals0.53-0.01-2.44%38625510‑16, 16:00
MARL.LMariana Resources Ltd (MARL.L)21.5lse2.1-0.01-0.48%37805210‑16, 16:00
XXII22nd Century Group, Inc. (XXII)FinancialSpecialty Finance1.19-0.06-4.80%33301410‑16, 16:00
SKYWSkyWest, Inc. (SKYW)IndustrialAirlines96.7sml18.92-0.17-0.89%31459310‑16, 16:00
BAA.TOBanro Corp. (BAA.TO)MaterialsPrecious Metals0.27-0.02-6.90%30893910‑16, 16:00
LPTNLpath Inc. (LPTN)Health CareBiotechnology0.22-0.01-4.58%30378510‑16, 16:00
RGSEReal Goods Solar, Inc. (RGSE)EnergyRenewable Energy Equipment1.43-0.11-7.14%23933210‑16, 16:00
NDTV.INNew Delhi Television Ltd. (NDTV.IN)28.2nse104.5-2.15-2.02%22096910‑16, 15:30
FSMFortuna Silver Mines Inc. (FSM)MaterialsPlatinum & Precious Metals2.92-0.11-3.63%21014510‑16, 16:00
TLKPTTelekom Indonesia (TLK)UtilitiesFixed Telecommunications39.57-0.45-1.12%19727010‑16, 16:00
TSEMTower Semiconductor Ltd. (TSEM)TechnologySemiconductors12.9-0.25-1.90%16650110‑16, 16:00
KTKT Corp. (KT)UtilitiesFixed Telecommunications72.4mid13.49-0.15-1.10%16491510‑16, 16:00
OMAMOM Asset Management plc (OMAM)FinancialAsset Managers29.7sml15.07-0.04-0.26%10272410‑16, 16:00
GNEGenie Energy Ltd. (GNE)UtilitiesMultiutilities99.2sml13.27-0.09-0.67%9632810‑16, 16:00
WIREEncore Wire Corp. (WIRE)TechnologyElectrical Components62.7sml37.49-0.6-1.58%9277710‑16, 16:00
PFSWPFSweb, Inc. (PFSW)IndustrialBusiness Support Services94.8sml15.05-0.1-0.66%9253310‑16, 16:00
ITIPiShares International Inflation-Linked Bond Fund (ITIP)43etf40.66-0.22-0.54%7037910‑16, 16:00
TNXPTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (TNXP)Health CarePharmaceuticals7.08-0.28-3.80%5910210‑16, 16:00
HAPMarket Vectors RVE Hard Assets Producers ETF (HAP)21.7etf30.12-0.12-0.40%5415510‑16, 16:00
ZNHChina Southern Airlines Co. Ltd. (ZNH)IndustrialAirlines49.9mid39.72-0.66-1.63%3881710‑16, 16:00
SWNCSouthwestern Energy Co. (SWNC)32.2-0.24-0.74%3193310‑16, 16:00
MPUCFMoneta Porcupine Mines Inc. (MPUCF)MaterialsGold Mining0.09-0.01-10.73%2703010‑16, 16:00
MVCMVC Capital, Inc. (MVC)8.86-0.11-1.23%2539910‑16, 16:00
ELRCElectro Rent Corp. (ELRC)TechnologyElectronic Equipment68.1sml11.36-0.19-1.65%2312610‑16, 16:00
IVTYInvuity, Inc. (IVTY)13-0.47-3.49%1980110‑16, 16:00
EUSCWisdomTree Europe Hedged SmallCap Equity Fund (EUSC)30.6etf24.35-0.08-0.32%1320010‑16, 16:00
IPSSPDR S&P International Consumer Staples Sector ETF (IPS)95.1etf41.66-0.36-0.85%260610‑16, 16:00

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